This is an image of Patrick Henry in 1775.

In his famous speech "Give me Liberty or give me Death".  The plantation in Red Hill has the museum piece shown here as an ivory paper cutter which was used for emphasis during his fiery speech. An honorable mention at Shenandoah Valley Art Center.    

The Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century has been revamped as a new genre with my own art compositions here in the states.  Two by three feet paintings in oil---old style!  ON canvas.  $1400.00 each.  Lute players:   Lady with Blonde hair.  Lovely countenance.  Romantic moonlit scene.

Second Lute Player Man with crossed legs.  Eyes hold your attention. Dowland was a prolific writer and performer.  

Third Lutenist:  The lady of the house with a black coif.  Dogs were apart of the family's household in the Nederlands.  .    



"I have just painted yet, another 18th century violinist.  My newest subject. Nannerl Mozart's older sister." Born on July 30th, 1751.  Died Oct.  29th, 1829.   Detail from Nannerl:   2 by 4 feet $1500.00.  This is the heading of the website.  

From the movie:  Mozart's Sister in French

Lewis and Clark: Corps of Discovery

Lewis and Clark were exploring vast new territory under the new Louisiana Purchase.  Merriweather Lewis met with Dr. Rush to learn some basic medicine.  Eye wash was the most comforting thing that they brought to the Indians, especially the Nez Perce.  2 by 3 feet oil on canvas.  Bright colors.  200.00.

The Shoshone were bearing down with 60 warriors until they realized that Lewis and Clark's men meant peace.  A flag was giving to each tribe as a token of peace from President Jefferson.  And Sacajawea brought her child Pompe and met her brother Cameahwait who had become chief since she sold as a wife to Toussaint Charbonneau.   Her people would supply horses to the Corps of Discovery.  300.00 oil on canvas.  2 by 3 feet

"You may choose to look the other way but, you can never say again that you did not know"    Oil on canvas 16" by 20" 400.00 unframed.  Watch Ioan Grudduff in Amazing Grace with star of PBS's Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch. 

William Wilberforce: In the shadow of slavery oil on canvas 16 by 20" 400.00

Grab your Harquebus or matchlock!  Guns were lighted back then--come see the sentry at Jamestown!  Visit the National Park Site in Virginia. 


Standing portrait of a Jamestown Sentry 1400.00 Oil on canvas 2 by 4 feet

Detail from Landing Day painting huge 3 by 4 feet NFS
Reenactors going back 400 years on Jamestown Island in the 21st century Landing Day on Jamestown Island

Each  year in April and May, Landing Day is commemorated in Virginia of the first permanent English Settlement.  I used to dress in kit for the period for 13 years with St. Maries Militia out of Maryland.  A black box was opened with the names of the first council and President.  At 4 a.m., land was sighted in the Chesapeake Bay on April 26th, 1607.  First landing was made on the 29th.   :Large 3 by 4 foot painting.  $1500.00. 

This was the first big victory for the Americans who fought bravely as volunteers with George Washinton.  The Hessians were caught off guard the day after Christmas!  And many supplies of food, guns and even some Hessian drums made ol George the victor having crossed the icey Trenton river.  Gen. George Washington is seen here accepting the sword from a Hessians paid as mercenaries to fight along side the British.  

Oil 16 by 20 framed 200.00

Huzzah!  Colonial cheer of the millitiamen and continentals!    Jack Joeutt is our Paul Revere of the south.  His dad owned two taverns.  One in Charlottesville named Black Tavern and one in nearby Louisa or Cuckoo, Virginia.  Now razed, only a sign remains. 


Also go to Gallery is on south wayne near the post office look for the yellow awning!!!!!! We have 5"by7" portraits of our first President George Washington. 

Original sold.

Come to the Shenandoah Valley Art Center and purchase a copy of George Washington:   a beautiful 5 by 7" for your living room, kids room or kitchen.  Our first and I must brag---least controversial of all presidents.  

I enjoy studying the seventeenth century.  It really makes you thankful when you see how hard it was to eek out a living with a war going on all century long.  Queen Elizabeth sent troops to the Netherlands to abate their war with the Spanish.   Musketeer by DeGheyn.  The APVA recently discovered "Jane" a young girl, whom forensic experts attibute to cannibalism.  I prefer the ceramics.   

"I enjoy illustrating landmarks of Colonial American History. George Washington accepting the sword at Trenton, 1776. I am currently working on Elizabeth circa 1588.

Molly Pitcher 3 by 4 feet oil on canvas 1200.00

This is Molly Pitcher who helped fight the Brits when her husband was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth.  She experienced a shot of cannon between her legs while loading a cartridge.   Joseph Plumb Martin recorded Molly in his diary, Yankee Doodle.  3 x 4 oil on canvas.   I have a different version 2019.


Portrait of Squanto:  1580-1620 (a work in progress) It was Samoset, the first Native American Indian in Massachusetts, whom the Pilgrims met in 1620.  Samoset introduced to the Saints, Tisquantum or "Squanto", who spoke better English.  Squanto helped the Pilgrim settlement survive their first winter.  16 x 20 oil 300.00

A much younger Robert E. Lee, age 31, who never had demerits at West Point while a student there.
Oil on canvas 18 x 24 Framed 200.00

Author of the most beloved Christmas story:  A Christmas Carol.  I like watching the movie Alistari Simms 1951 version each December. Filmed in London.  It is very poignant.  Charles Dickens really knew the man on the street.  I have a different background--green.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens travelled extensively into the United States and wore himself out giving public readings of his works. 

I studied Art at Virginia Commonwealth University in the 70's.   The MCV medical school was joined to the liberal arts campus. The students painted or sculpted just about anything.  Today,  I find a real passion in painting portraits or historical illustrations of figurative art (i.e. people art).



  I have painted animals:  dog, fox, deer and birds.  Here is a profile of an Osprey I saw at St. Maries City in southern Maryland. Oil on canvas 16 by 20: 200.00


  I do a few darker pictures which feature some chiaroscuro.  Copying or configuring portraits of the Founding Fathers by the colonial painters are another specialty. 

Adams as President 16 by 20 unframed 350.00 oil on canvas.

I enjoy listening to Bach and other classical music greats.  Here is an oil sketch of the German teacher/skilled musician Julie Fischer.  Her passion is Mozart. Her talent really shows.  You can find her on YouTube.   This oil sketch is 16 by 20 perfect for any decor at 300.00

Detail of George Washington accepting Col. Rall's sword from the Hessians at Trenton in 1776: 3 by 4 feet 1500.00

This is part of a one by four foot mural.  This is sketchy, albeit, the right side with bears and a fox at Shenandoah Nat'l Park, Big Meadows.  A collage with three images. oil on canvas  200.00  Extreme left is at night time, when deer are active.