There are 12 apostles, two angels,  two women ( Marys) and Christ who meets Thomas for the first time after his resurrection and asks him to touch his wounds.  Blessed are those who believe and have not seen! Seeing is not always believing.  Oil on canvas, 24 by 36 inches. 1500.00

This is a detail from the Annunciation to the future mother of Christ.  I recently glazed to increase the brilliant colors of Angel Gabriel and wings.   Mary is greeted by Gabriel. who is considered God's messanger, who dwells in the prescence of God.   Oil on canvas 24" x36".  A rock wall finishes the parameter to show Mary's room.  Price negotiable.  I have revamped this composition. 2019.  

Griet is a household servant living in Amsterdam, Holland.  She might live in the Jan Vermeer household.  Her name is Griet.  A parody of Scarlett Johannson in the Girl with a Pearl Earring.  The movie is merely conjectural or a novel.  We have no tradition nor writing, which portrays Jan Vermeer's wife as so brutally angry at her household staff.   Portrait here is 16 by 20 inch painting in oil.  400.00 Golden frame.

Standing like a Stonewall
  • "Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me." He added, after a pause, looking me full in the face: "That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave"


Stonewall Jackson's military tactics are still studied at West Point.  VMI's history was just catapaulted into the theatres in November of 2014 with the film Field of Lost Shoes. Thomas E Jackson or "Stonewall" was a professor at the academy, just prior to the War between the states, as we say in the South.   Oil on canvas,  16 by 20" sold.   Favorite soldier for the War between the States, as my Mother called it.

George Frideric Handel 1685-1759

His instrumental pieces are gorgeous.  Chandos.  Concerti a duo Cori.  Out of this world.  Handel never married.  Produced some of the most elegant music in history.  The Oratorio Messiah has sold endlessly.   Just a quick oil sketch 16 by 20". 200.00  I have a much larger version of Handel from 2018.  

Daily Bread

Genre:  This is a parody of Rembrandt's family portrait of Cornelius Claez who lived in Amsterdam.  Normally, the attire is much more humble for most Mennonites.  But, the pastor and his wife or children have on their Sunday black.  22 by 28 oil on canvas.


Framed biblical story: Samson and Delilah oil on canvas 30 by 40

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Electrical battery or Leiden Jar

Ben Franklin was an inventor of many gadgets. Mostly remembered  for experiments concerning lightning rods and stored batteries.  This painting is a standing portrait 2 by 4 feet in oil on canvas.  The experient portrayed here is the Leiden jar and stored electricity (static electricity).  A Frenchman was electrocuted when he performed the same experiment.  His material conducted the lightning to his body.  Ben used silk thread. 400.00 oil on canvas.  One of the most sought after founding fathers! Google searches galore. 

Battery Franklin was struck by lightning one time! Dangerous work. This shows an experiment with the first batteries.
"With Malice toward none." 2 by 4 feet oil on canvas 500.00

Lincoln never used the term Confederacy!  He was such a Unionist.  "With malice toward none, and charity for all".. Second Inaugural speech.  Watch Steven Spielbergs's film which put Virginia Tourism on the map.  Next to George Washington, this President is credited with saving the Union.  He was undoubtedly one of our best presidents.  He kept the Union together.  

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This is a variation on a portrait by John Singleton Copeley.  There are only 6 examples remaining or extant of his famous teapot.  He rode to warn the American colonists in Massaschussetts that the British were coming on the night of April 18, 1775.  Oil on canvas, 16 by 20".    $1500.00  Comes with a golden frame. 

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Delilah became Samson's greatest weakness.  She enticed him into telling her his secret for being so strong.  His hair!  She received 200 pieces of silver for catching her "lover".  2 by 3 feet oil on canvas 800.00.

      I work mostly in oils.  I accept commissions for people portraits, group or family compositions, kids,  special designations pertaining to a skill or historical persons, and community leaders ( e.g. school principals), or even pets.  I painted all three of our high school principals last summer.  

      I have painted dog and fox.  

      Size:  I still do a lot of 16 by 20, simply to fit in your home.  I love the bigger three by four feet.  But, common sense, says, can I fit this in my house. 

Right side detail from my 1 by 4 foot coastline painting of Virginia

  Detail from the middle area: I enjoy painting pictures of early Jamestown 1606-1699 and the discovery of the Virginia coast.  Doplphins or Porpoise were a common site in pods in the Chesapeake when Capt. John Smith arrived in 1607.

     The APVA has been studying the first permanent site at Jamestown site since 1994.  The early ships were only the size of a modern day yacht. 

     I have painted the coastline for the Virginia discovery on April 26th, 4 a.m.  in 1607.        Size:  1 by 4 feet.  200.00   

Photo gallery: A sampling of my artwork

John Adams reassured Thomas Jefferson that he was the right man for the job of writing the Declaration of Independence. Adams told Jefferson that he was a better writer than himself.  The portrait is available as a  16 x 20 canvas original.  $350.00

Rev. Mason Weems tells us some great myths about Washington's youth.  "I cannot tell a lie--I did not chop down the cherry tree. "  Pies were 22 cents when I was a kid.  And we celebrated George's birthday on the 22nd.  There is a new book out about Ferry Farm! By author, Philip Levy.  "Where the Cherry Tree Grew" The Story of Ferry Farm George Washington's Boyhood Home." 2013

Washington as President 16 x 20 original sold. There are 5" by 7" prints available at SVAC.

In 1784, while Jefferson was doing diplomatic service in France, he met up with all of the John Adams Family.  It is recorded that Jefferson considered John's wife, Abigail as "his neighbor".  Our future president young John Quincy Adams was able to bond with Jefferson, perhaps as a family "uncle". 

Jefferson's  famous one liner, "I cannot live without books".  In 1814, the British burned the building that housed the library of congress.   His own library was sold to Congress in 1815 for $23,950.

A more serious Jefferson writing the Declaration. Large 2 by 3 feet
Work in progress

Dolly Madison is known for sparing the destruction of the large standing portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart.   With only a couple hours before the British would be taking the city of Washington.  torching the Capitol and then the White House.  The servant "French John" took a knife and cut out the canvas from the frame.  There are six copies of the Lansdown standing portrait.  This is a work in progress.  2 by 4 feet oil on canvas.  $1600.00. Original composition.  

 A lot of new areas in black history have been discovered through the studies of Dr. Robert G. Slawson, who in 2006 published his book on the African American doctors who were actually able to acquire medical study and operations during the civil war.  One black doctor was from Norfolk,  son of freed slaves, named Alexander Augusta,  travelled to Canada to study medicine.  Reading was not allowed to slaves in Virginia.  And he could read!  

16 x 20 oil on canvas, $200.00

Dr. Alexander Augusta surgeon and highest ranking soldier for the Union

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16 by 20 oil on canvas 200.00

George Frederick Handel:  One of the most talented German composers who wrote the Messiah and loads of instrumentals, concertos, & operas galore.  He once called his servant to set a table for seven and the servant asked, "who are the guests?".  "I am zee guests."  A very corpulant man.  Bigger than life.  IT is said that he wrote the Oratorio Messiah in a mere 14 days.  So, full of composing and unction for God almighty.   

Peak at my current Shepherd looking for the lost.  A work in progress.  << New text box >>

Moses:  The shepherd looking for the lost sheep Finding the black-faced lamb. $600.00.

Moses was spared the sword of Pharoah 3500 years ago.  I have heard that the Pharaoh was Tutmoses.  The movie Moses uses Rameses.  Encouraging story for the hopeless.  Read Exodus 2, where Miriam, Moses's older sister invites Pharoah's daughter to use her mother Jacobed for an Hebrew wetnurse.  And the daughter pays her mother for the service!  Large painting on canvas 30" by 40".  $1200.00.

The sudden surprise visit by Gabriel to Mary, to a young virgin who will give birth to the messiah is overwhelming.   Luke 1, 26-31. Loreno Lotto was an influence here. He used a similar pose of Mary overwhelmed with surprise.  Gabriel is a very important angel who appears as a messanger in the book of Daniel as well. 

30" by 40" oil on canvas. 


Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city in Galilee called Nazareth, 27to a virgin engaged to a man whose name was Joseph, of the descendants of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. 28And coming in, he said to her, “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.” 29But she was very perplexed at this statement, and kept pondering what kind of salutation this was. 30The angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God. 31“And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name Him Jesus.

Abraham Lincoln received death threats during the civil war.  He became a martyr after his assassination at Ford's Theater.  No doubt, one of our best presidents who preserved the Union. 

Wonder what he would do in Washington D.C. today?  

Although it was illegal, Frederick Douglas learned to read the alphabet at an early age of 12.  In Baltimore, the mistress of the house, Sophia, or Hugh Cauld's wife taught Douglas to read.    In Maryland he saw his own Aunt beaten until she bled.   This personal tragedy drew Douglas into the fight for eliminating slavery.  He became an avid abolitionist.  Sold.

When Frederick Douglas fled to England, after John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry Arsenal,  he is recorded as saying that he really felt "at home" over there.  He traveled to Scotland.  During the war between the states, a southern expression,  Lincoln had an historic visit in the white house by Douglas.  Douglas would encourage Lincoln to eventually allow blacks into the military and fight for the Union.  Two of his sons fought bravely for the Union. 

I am working on another Thomas Jefferson writing while abroad.  There he met John Adams and they became closer friends. Captain John Smith, 1607. Once stung by a sting ray. The meandering snake is symbolic of his character. Sold.

Elizabeth was caught up in the Armada of 1588 and was unable to send Sir Francis Drake to rescue the "Lost Colonists" for 1587.  Roanoke Island, in North Carolina was the site of the first attempted English colony in the new world.  2 by 4 feet oil on canvas 1500.00

She helped keep England Protestant.  Her half sister had burned 250 Protestant church leaders. Detail: Elizabeth I (1533-1603) "good Queen Bess" enormously popular as a sovereign.
Bess a lady in waiting. An interpretation, $600.00

Sir Walter Raleigh's wife was a lady in Queen Elizabeth's court.  She  suffered loss of  husband and household due to King James I's decision to sacrifice Raleigh's life for the Spanish Ambassdor Diego Gondomor's grief for King Philip over his helping Elizabeth I reach goals, e.g. the Armada and early colonization in America.  Raleigh was accused of treason in 1603, confined to the Tower.   But, wasn't put to death until 1618.  King James was not a popular king.  16 by 20 portrait in oil. 


Raleigh said on the day of his beheading, "this is a sharp medicine, but a cure for all diseases.  He had been a poet, soldier, courtier, aristocrat, and explorer for England. 

16 x 20 oil on canvas $300.00.

John Newton, (1725-1807 ) once an adamant slaver on the high seas, but, later converted to Christian faith and author of Amazing Grace. He was an encouragement to William Wilberforce who fought to end slavery in the British Isles. After he converted to Christianity, he remained on a slaver ship for ten years.  Hymnwriter of Amazing Grace is his fame to claim.  John Newton wrote the original text, but, the music was added here in America.  

 16 by 20 oil on canvas.  200.00

Pocahaontas, large 2 by 4 configuration of the first landing.

Mataoaka is also the Indian Princess we know as Pocahontas.  John Rolfe married her in 1614 according to a peace proviso and this union caused peace to return to the colony by this historical ceremony.  Her uncle Opechancanough would attend the wedding and later massacre 2/3's of the infant colony.  

John Rolfe felt like God was asking him to marry Chief Powhatan's daughter in 1614/. There are many interpretations of Matoaka. Athletic and dark skin.
Town Crier in oil on a 16 by 20 canvas 400.00

A former member of Baltimore Consort and teacher at Mary Baldwin College.  My highlight was seeing her at the American Frontier Culture Museum the year we had English Civil War here and also inside of the Catholic church with flautist Chris Norman on Renaissance flutes from the Baltimore Consort.  This group helped put Early Music back into the classical music genre again. 

Early Music Ballad singer Custer LaRue 16 by 20 original 400.00

Everyone is familiar with David and Goliath.  It is a simple bravery of a young sheep herder, who wasn't afraid of a ten foot bully.  A herders' slingshot wins the day.  David was a pretty good shot.  Because, he had to protect his sheep from wild animals.  2 by 3 foot oil on canvas.  500.00.

 . A work in progress. 

David, young man and a shepherd, fearllessly approaches Goliath
Colonial gal 16 by 20 inches canvas 400.00
Christmas Letter: 16 by 20 canvas and nice little frame, 400.00

Christmas letter is from a black and white photograph.  I reconfigured colors to imitate Christmas time!

A younger John Adams as a Lawyer. Buy one at the SVAC: Print 50.00/ 6 more framed in green stock. One on sale at SVAC
Emmaus: Cleaopas and his companion were discombobulated.  And then, the moment of translation and whoof--the Lord disappears.  1500.00 After the Resurrection of Christ: On the road to Emmaus they couldn't even recognize the Lord. 1500.00

They walked a mere 7 miles and could not fathom the death of Jesus on the cross.  They were greatly perplexed.  One of the disciples was named Cleopas.  Tradition might have another name for his companion.  But, we are not certain.  The risen Lord, Christ took them through all of the scriptures relating to himself.  And at the moment of his breaking the bread---they knew.  And then, poooof, the Lord disappeared.  He finally opened their eyes.   And indeed, their hearts were burning with the truth of what he was saying to them.

Benjamin has stolen Joseph's cup? Joseph and his Brothers in Egypt. Benjamin is accused of stealing his brother's cup. 1500.00 oil on canvas, golden frame

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers many years before the famine in Egypt.  But, God meant it for good.  Joseph, Jacob's son, became Pharoah's right hand man.  He stored enough grain for 7 lean years.  And all of Jacob's family moved down to Egypt where there was plenty grain for their families and cattle. See Genesis 39 til the end.  It is thought that his Epyptian name given by Pharoah  or Zaphenath-paneah means savior. 

 Mary, mother of Jesus had a husband who could have abandoned her from the start.  Sans traditions, I have tried to illustrate her Joseph as a younger man.  Many renaissance paintings show Joseph as if, he is really a much older man.  I can find no scriptural basis for such an older man.  So, it is with the shepherds.  No exacting number.  There are absolutes in the Christian scriptures.  The virgin birth is an eternal absolute. I can remember years ago the Anglican archbishop Jenkins of Canterbury questioned biblical doctrines publically and lightning struck the York Minster building on July 9th, 1984, just hours after his installation and confirmation as Archbishop.  Could the Almighty have been angry with the Anglican church?  

 One tradition purportedly places Joseph age 90. No way!  Another similar unbiblical tradition is in the carol:  We Three Kings of Orient are what?  The stargazers or Astronomers or Kings is not even numbered in the scriptures.  Not to make fun of traditions, but, simply to show the possibilities of more Magi. 

I tried to show Joseph as a younger man.    Many of the renaissance paintings show a much older man. Detail from my Nativity for children 3 by 4 feet
Mozart in Austria: A personal interpretation on canvas. Red Frame. Nice size--16 by 20: 300.00
Be inspired! Go to next years Heifitz concert series.  The students play free concerts on Wed. 7:30 and Sat. 3 p.m. Check schedule in 2013. Julie Fischer playing Violin. 16 by 20 oil 400.00

Amadeus, as many of us know her brother prodigy or Mozart had a musical sibling.  Nanerl.  Go rent the film Mozart's Sister c. 2010:  It is in French.  Clean by european standards.  My personal favorite would be the older Amadeus c. 1984.  My portrait is conjectural.  It contains a foot warmer box.  The tall ceilings and large French quarters would be very cold without our modern day heating.  

They say that Mozart's sister actually composed music.  But, none has survived.  Nannerl: inspired by the film! 1500.00
Korean actress Jeon Ji hyun already framed at 200.00 . Canvas is 16 by 20 inches
Coyote for the Buckingham Beacon. I have drawn sketches for 5 different tabloids in Central Virginia. Previous commission sold.
"Jesus calms the storm". It is 3 by 4 feet. I designed this for young people. The sky does a shift from black to orange. Unframed. 1500.00
Detail from Heidi and Peter Children's illustration. 16 by 20 inches 250.00