I had a reawakening and  a passion to paint after putting down the brush for over 40 years!  I couldn't get into the Commercial Art program after studying art for a year  at Virginia Commonwealth University. So,  I took a degree in Advertising and Mass Communications. Either that or wait another whole year, since art school was full up.   But, now I am doing what I had wanted to do for over 40 years.  Oil paintings with an emphasis on the masters techniques.  Large scale is a favorite with me.   3 by 4 feet canvases.  

Jacob and Esau

Good bible lesson where Esau begs for a bowl of red lentils in exchange for his own birthright.    Exhausted from hunting,  Jacob forces his brother to exchange in his weariness a birthright which was not Jacob's.  Work in progress 16 x 20 oil on panel. I have 13 other catagories in Biblical.