I finished a bachelor's degree in 1975 in a totally different background.  Have worked a lot of physical jobs.  Sanitation in a poultry plant once. Manufacturing.  Did some wildlife photography for a while.  Never once thought that I would return to oil painting.  But, just the shear joy of designing, changing and making compositions with an emphasis on history. Configuring a Founding Father just like Gilbert Stuart appealed to me.  I have studied the Dutch genre and masters of Northern Europe.    Frans Hals was a major influence in portraiture in the Netherlands.  Here is a sample of one of his portraits.  There are a few Hals portraits in the Metro in New York City.  A certain brightness is there in each one of his portraits.  

    Georges de la Tour is another influence.  

I enjoy painting variations on seventeenth century topics.  Shakespeare has the look of an older time.  16 by 20 oil on canvas.   Certain clothing for certain strata.  No one wore gold or silver in their clothing, unless, they were in leadership roles or had some major importance in society.  Portrait $250.00