I enjoy painting biblical stories which tell an episode in one picture. For "Joseph and his brothers." See the artwork section.

  I finished Landing Day in 2103 a large 3 by 4 oil on canvas illustration of April 29th at Cape Henry.   

It was Robert Hunt who helped Capt. John Smith get out of his chains and be a part of Council.  Detail of the English on shore 3 by 4 canvas in oil
One of three ships, the Godspeed.

When the first ship arrived from England in 1607, a black box was opened to reveal the names of the men selected to serve on Council in Jamestown. But, it was the intervention of Robert Hunt which allowed Capt. Smith to become unchained, re-

conciled and a part of its governing Council. Six weeks later!

 I like to start with a simple oil sketch and use the older verdaccio method of tonal values as Leonardo Da Vinci and other Renaissance masters would have done. 

      A creative spirit locked up--never!!

My studio smells like a gas station!

   Study the masters and you will learn an abundance of skills are not being used today.  Illustrators can use computers.  But, having patience to add layers to enhance your colors is worth the mastery and time put into an excellent masterpiece.